Transforming Workplace Culture With Coaching and Heart

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

In this webcast, hear the inspiring story of how a coaching and leadership culture was created at the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. (AFCC), a 2017 International Prism Award winner. Learn how a solid foundation for coaching was established and how the program grew and was scaled up for company-wide adoption, experiencing many challenges and successes along the way. Three months after winning the International Prism Award, it was announced that AFCC would be closing. Reza and Glenn will also discuss the final chapter of this powerful story, and how coaching was leveraged to support the AFCC team as the company shut its doors. After this webcast, you will have a clearer idea of what developing a coaching culture entails and how coaching can be used to inspire and engage employees through both good and challenging times. In this webcast, you will: - Understand how to create an internal coaching program. - Learn how to scale up and grow an award-winning coaching program in your organization. - Understand how leadership development and coaching can help shift an organization’s leadership culture. - Learn more about the ROI of coaching.

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