Managers, Prepare to Collaborate and Coach Differently

Friday, January 11, 2019

Team coaching is a leadership skill that can be developed. Managers who serve as coaches for their teams may need to cultivate groups who practice genuine team collaboration. If so, this webcast can be your start for developing your capacity. In this webcast, you will: - Gain a renewed appreciation for the term team collaboration and what it means to you in today’s hyper-connected world. - Understand why you need to develop a collaborative mindset—and skillset—to effectively coach a team. - Discover a new framework from which to coach individuals on your team. By signing up for this webcast, you will be eligible to participate in a drawing to receive a free copy of ATD’s new book, Focus on Them. Five books will be awarded. Winsor Jenkins is a contributing author of the book, which covers the material presented in this webcast.

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